Posted to Volacci's blog on September 16th, 2013

How to Change Your Drupal Site’s Theme Color with the Color Module

We’ve had so much interest in Leigh Carver’s incredible blog post The Psychology of Color and Your Brand, that I thought it might be good to review the Color Module, the easiest way to change the color of your Drupal theme.

In order for the Color Module to work, you must be using a theme that is compatible with the Color Module. Some of the more popular themes supporting the Color Module include:

  • Business
  • Corolla
  • Mayo
  • Bartik
  • Garland
  • Sky
  • Premium Responsive
  • AT Commerce, and many more

With the Color Module, Drupal site owners can pick from a wide variety of color options for features such as links, backgrounds, text, buttons and more. One of my favorite free tools for looking at complementary color schemes is, a site that is great for the stylistically challenged, such as myself.

Here is a screenshot of what the color selection looks like under the popular Business theme. As you can see, marketers have a host of options for picking the right color scheme for their market or brand.

In order to access the color changing features, users should:

  1. Install and enable the Color Module.
  2. Click appearance within the Admin interface.
  3. Select “Settings” from the appropriate theme or sub-theme.
  4. Select the desired field to change color.
  5. Switch the drop box from default to custom.
  6. Adjust the color options along primary color spectrum and along the spectrum dictating lightness and darkness of color.
  7. Use the preview guide to help find the right shade. 
  8. Hit save and enjoy your new color scheme!

Full-color Drupal marketing made simple, thanks to the Colors Module. What colors do you use for your Drupal marketing?

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