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How to Archive Your Twitter Feed in Under 5 Minutes

Twitter is the most instant of the mainstream social media tools. Have a thought, or a message, tweet it out, and its soon replaced by the next tweet, just one note in the chorus of chirps and squawks that populates our online lives.Twitter Archive

But, perhaps you want an organized archive of your Twitter presence. Maybe to track the effectiveness of a campaign, report back up the chain of command, or use as training materials throughout your organization. There are a number of social media services and analytics programs that provide such features, but if you want the raw data. there is no better source than Twitter itself.

Obtaining a Twitter archive is fast, easy and free. As digital marketers, it is a good idea to keep back ups anyways. So if you’ve never archived your Tweets, here’s how:

1. Log in to the Twitter account you want archived.

2. Go to the main menu (gear shaped icon in the top-right of your screen), and select settings. Find Your Twitter Archive

3. Scroll down the main screen and select the “Request Your Archive” button [Twitter Archive Button]. Selecting this button will generate a report, which Twitter will email to your account, along with a link to the .zip file.

Request Twitter Archive

4. Open the email from Twitter and follow either the link or button back to Twitter.Twitter Archive Email

5. At the appropriate prompt (pictured to the right), download the .zip file from your Twitter feed.Twitter Archive Download

6. Upon opening the file, select either the index.html file (which opens an off-line, user-friendly sorting mechanism), or the .css file, which presents raw data in a spreadsheet.

I prefer using the index.html file because it presents Tweets in an easy to read off-line method along with basic metrics for tracking and sorting tweets by month or year. Doing so also gives you a good understanding, at a glance, for your Twitter account’s evolution.Twitter Archive Index

The .css file, pictured below, is smaller and easier to search if you are looking for particular pieces of data, such as Tweet source or timestamp.Twitter Archive .css


There you have it, a fast, simple way to back up your Twitter data and archive your message history!

When is the last time you captured an archive of your Twitter presence? What other uses might your marketing department have for this data?

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