A Guide To Guest Posting

A Guide To Guest Posting

October 5th, 2012

Guest posting can be a powerful method for increasing your brand awareness. Whether you are asking an established thought leader to come blog for you, or you are trying to place your post on another site, here are some tips for making great connections and building rapport.

Engaging Your Target Prospects
Five words from branding expert Martin Lindstrom: "Be 100% transparent. Nothing less."

I know it's pretty cliche, but one major faux pas committed by guest bloggers is fake authenticity. Aiming for a guest post does not simply imply you are asking for links back to our site. The moment of engagement starts with the click on the Send button on that email.

"Thou shalt not be another stranger asking for guest posts!" Properly establish rapport with your prospect as you must have researched:

  • who he is, (better search for his name, or the chief editor's)
  • his interests, and (what category he caters)
  • how the way things roll in his blog. (Top lists? Press releases? SEO-focused? Gossips?)

There are different channels of communication that you can use if you're ready to pitch your wonderful idea for a guest post. Peruse through his blog and seek for his preferred means of communication.

Sugar coating is good, but the blog's interest still comes in first. Pitch in ideas that are:

    high value, (trending or evergreen topics)
    remarkable, (something that either solves a problem or answers a question)
    and a worthy post for the blogger's web space (self-explanatory.)

Of course, top it off and write down a high-quality, compelling content that generates leads and does not primarily aim to get links.

Takeaways for your oh-so compelling content:

    If you're writing about your product, make sure that "all your endorsements and testimonials must be real – don't fake them," as suggested by Lindstrom.
    Never sell yourself. Never insist that they should buy your product or service; make them buy it by telling them how it could solve their problem.
    Make sure to cook up a great content! Remember, first impressions last!

Before you end your discussion with your blog prospect, ask if he has something to suggest about the topic idea. It's hard to open up to a complete stranger; break the barrier! Make your new-found friend comfortable in these following ways:

    Address the blogger on a first name basis; however, there are bloggers who prefer to be called by their first name; others would like to be addressed by their surname.
    Don't be so stiff unless you're approaching a serious type of niche.
    Introduce yourself. I find it more effective to pitch in the idea first, then introduce myself later.
    Always thank everyone!
    If you contact each other regularly, you might want to ask if he's following an editorial calendar. Asking him would lessen the pain of waiting in vain for a post to be published.