Graph Search: Game Changer?

Graph Search: Game Changer?

May 18th, 2013

Facebook’s new Graph Search tool could be a game changer for online marketing. The impact on social and search marketing could be very marked, and smart brands will keep content at the core of their social strategy as these changes take hold.

The changes that Facebook Graph Search could bring to search are quite marked. First, the quality of Facebook Fans will greatly impact a page’s ranking, which means that organizations need to fully integrate themselves into the Facebook community in order to see social search success. If this is you, focus on publishing consumer-centric content that motivates engagement. After all, Graph Search is all about the power of a social network's recommendations. Instead of trusting Google’s restaurant recommendations, users can enter “San Francisco Restaurants my Friends Like” into the Graph Search tool bar and let their trusted sources help them pick where to do. It's safe to assume that brands who don't engage with their followers won't be showing up in those results.

Graph Search has the potential to level the playing field between Facebook and Google, which is why it is becoming so important to have a smart Facebook strategy. In addition to the minor housekeeping to-dos, such as
ensuring that all page information is up-to-date and encouraging check-ins, marketers must fuel brand pages with compelling content that audiences will enjoy and share.

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