Google’s Matt Cutts SEO Video Trifecta

It’s another Friday and the Winter Olympics are almost officially over. And both you and I would rather watch the handsome face of Google’s Matt Cutts tap into Google’s brainwaves rather than read our Google Readers. So, without further reading required (maybe some), an SEO video trifecta by Mr. Cutts...after the jump.

SEO Video #1: Why doesn’t validate?

Google’s Matt Cutts explaining why doesn’t validate (according to W3C) in a recent “Grab Bag” video series episode.

SEO Video #2: Will Google notify Webmasters of violations of the Webmaster Guidelines?

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses the details around webmaster violations and notifications in this recent “Grab Bag” video series episode.

SEO Video #3: “If I Use multiple variations of a phrase, would it be seen as keyword spam?”

A noticeably shaved and clean-cut Matt Cutts discusses keyword variations and whether or not Google penalizes them as spam in this most recent “Grab Bag” video series episode.