Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Earlier this month Google Webmaster Tools released a large update to their Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries tool. This tool was relatively new, it was released in 2010. The tool gave some vague information on how many impressions and clicks that your site was getting within Google.

To get to the tool:

  1. Visit
  2. Login
  3. Click "Your site on the web" in the left menu"
  4. Click "Search Queries

As of February 2nd, they released an update that gives not only the number of impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR), but also a percentage increase or decrease specific to each keyword. Furthermore, the new tool also relates ranking data. Based on the date range specified within Google Webmaster Tools, you can find the average ranking over a certain period of time. It will also tell you whether the keyword is trending upwards or downwards. All great information!

The number of clicks and impressions is rounded to the nearest one or two significant digits. "For example, instead of Webmaster Tools showing you 246,000 impressions, it will now show 250,000 impressions, which is a nicer representation for a better, less confusing experience"

We did a test with multiple clients and found that the information within Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries tool was quite accurate. Obviously it's a little frustrating when you see an "average position of 1.7," because it doesn't give you up to the minute results. (And why can't it always be an average position of 1!) But this information is far more then what we were previously given. The rankings are displayed in an informative and straightforward manner.

Kudos Google!