Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on July 30th, 2009

Google Squared: The Next Frontier of Search?

Google isn’t sitting idly by while Bing and Yahoo! attempt to make moves to capture pieces of the search giant’s market share pie. At their recent annual Searchology ho-down, Google executives unveiled their latest efforts toward refining search. They argued that “understanding people, health, communication, education and knowledge is the next frontier of search.”

Their next frontier in search includes a search option panel that allows users to delve deeper into their searches. This will also give Google more detailed research into how people are using their search engines and adjust accordingly. This effort will capture more accurate user intent and provide more refined search results. Many feel that Google is poaching the differentiation that Wolfram Alpha and Bing have put all their chips on and using it to their own advantage. Is Google feature-poaching?

Google also announced their support for the open standards, allowing webmasters to code their own site for enhanced data to provide Google with rich snippets for the SERPs. This move toward an enhanced results page is predicted to help make the Internet smarter and improve search-friendly experiences overall.

Is Google still the search innovator? Or are they quickly adopting other, less-popular search engines’ best features and using them before the majority catch on? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, or you can email me for a more discrete answer.

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