Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 8th, 2009

Google Releases Real-Time Search

Yesterday, in midst of a cloud of mysterious smoke and heavy black cape-swooping (or in their blog), Google announced that it’s new real-time search capabilities will be going live within a few days. This latest innovation allows Google to publish dynamically-streamed, real-time search results and content from across the Internet in it’s SERPs. Once this feature is live, you can see news and blog posts that may have been published just moments before in the search results, as well as live updates from people on Facebook and Twitter using the same keywords you just searched for.

According to their official blog, Google’s real-time features are based more than a dozen technologies that allows them to monitor the breadth of the web. They also have partnered with several forward-thinking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFreed, and Jaiku, that make it possible for them to process hundreds of millions of real-time change on the Inter-web each day.

Real-time search isn’t live yet, but Google’s blog hints that we may see it by the time everyone is singing about five golden rings. For now, you can check out a semi-live version in the Hot Topics section of Google Trends. Here is what's going on with a very hot topic: Tiger Woods.

How Will This Impact SEO?

This definitely has the SEO industry’s attention. Don’t get me wrong, the top spot in Google is still very special and always will be. The real-time results only appear in a three-link revolving window above the so-called ‘kings of the hill’. But with the new Social Media partnerships recently forged, Google appears to be following through on all their talk about the importance of social media status updates, tweets, and Fan Pages. Social Media Optimization’s “we have an open” relationship with SEO may have just gotten a bit more serious, i.e. meeting the parents, having a permanent toothbrush in SEO’s bathroom, etc.

Optimizing for search results is constantly changing, as Google tweaks and tunes their algorithm all the time. If your company wants to get noticed, incorporating SMO strategies with SEO strategies is a smart move. The Internet is constantly expanding, much like our universe, and your brand’s or business’ online marketing initiatives need to evolve along with its universal laws.