Google Launches “Commerce Search” Solution

As the holidays quickly approach, more shoppers than ever before will be making their purchases online. Although there are online retailers that are ready for the rush, most Internet swamis agree that online retailers don't dedicate as much resources as they should to optimizing their sites. These retailers are missing out on several key advantages that could make or break their final numbers come January. 
 Google has extended a helping hand with the launch of their newest search solution, Commerce Search, which specializes in crawling online stores to index product price and information. Commerce Search improves “the shopping experience with fast, intuitive Google search technology.” Google has already demo’d Commerce Search for critics, who gave it their thumbs up, raving mostly about improved search speed and efficiency. Here is a list of more initial benefits for both sides of the screen: Benefits for Online Shoppers • Find the right products faster • Filter results by category, price, brand, and or attributes • Provide user-friendly spelling options and synonyms Benefits for Online Retailers • Increased website conversions and sales • Promote chosen products within search results • Deploy search solution in days with effortless scaling • Customize, track, and optimize performance Google’s Commerce Search comes at a crucial time of year, the holidays. Online Christmas shoppers will be able to truly find the best deals and products on the market to keep their indoor trees warm throughout December. This also means that being ranked high in Google will be an ever more advantageous position. Commerce Search is certainly a major benefit and improvement for online retailers everywhere, but also further emphasizes the value of search engine optimization throughout their site. The more SEO-friendly their site is, the higher ranked they will be in Commerce Search’s results. Don’t penny-pinch your SEO campaign this holiday season. Google just built you a new stadium to play in, and you have to play the game to get the fans to buy tickets.

 Have you demo’d Commerce Search? Are you interested in any upcoming webinars for the new platform? Do you need to step up your SEO for the holidays? Comment below or send us a request and we will be more thrilled to contact you about your website.