Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 10th, 2009

Google Expands Personalized Search Results

Last week Google expanded its Personalized Search feature to anyone who uses its search engine, regardless of their permission. The goal of this newly-extended feature is to provide you with more accurate results. Now when you use Google to search, your results will be customized based on the last 180 days of your search activity. You will know your results have been customized when you see a “View Customizations” link at the top right of the results. Check out Google’s announcement of Personalized Search. Personalized Search was previously only available to signed-in users who had Web History in their Google Accounts, but is now completely separate from both services. You don’t need a Google Account, you just have to use the search engine. You can learn more from Google’s official video below:

Users will have the ability to opt-out here, and there are several privacy protection safeguards, but this new extension feels a little intrusive. On the other hand, personalized search could provide users with more accurate results, less time and stress spent search, and a better overall online searching experience. Will this personalized experience be a driving force for web surfers to migrate to Bing or Yahoo!?! Could Google's newly expanded feature further solidify its reign as the online king? Personalized Search will possibly bring with it heated controversy and contrasting opinions, and we want to know your opinion on the matter. So please leave it in a comment below.