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Google Announces DoubleClick for Publishers

On Monday, Google announced in its blog “the next generation of ad serving technology for online publishers” – aka DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

For the past several years, Google has been pumping out paid search solutions – such as AdSense and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange – in order to help online publishers to make money from their website’s content via advertising space, AdSense, or a combination of both.

‘The Googles’ understand how incredibly difficult it can be to manage, deliver, and measure ad performances on websites. The ability to manage this process can directly impact how much money a site can make. Google’s new product, DoubleClick for Publishers, is aimed to help both the big boys and the small fries. More details after the jump...

By the Power of Google!

Managing ad space on your site is never a synch. That is why Google is improving ad serving. In March 2008, Google acquired DoubleClick. Since that moment, they have been combining their technology with DoubleClick’s advertising savvy and the end result is a viable solution for advertising revenue maximization for websites.

DFP Features

Obligatory chart with arrows and icons:

Here are the new features for DFP, a la Google’s blog:

• A new interface that has been completely redesigned to save time and reduce errors.

• Far more detailed reporting and forecasting data to help publishers understand where their revenue is coming from and what ads are most valuable.

• Sophisticated algorithms that automatically improve ad performance and delivery.

• A new, open, public API which enables publishers to build and integrate their own apps with DFP, or integrate apps created for DFP by a growing third-party developer community (apps under development today include sales, order management and workflow tools).

• Integration with the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange's "dynamic allocation" feature, which maximizes revenue by enabling publishers to open up their ad space to bids from multiple ad networks. Dynamic allocation is described in this document [PDF].

Vanilla or Chocolate?

DFP comes in two different flavors: for the largest online publishers and DFP Small Businesses, a simple, free version designed for growing online publishers. My guess is that, unless you are Craigslist or Facebook, you will need the DFP Small Businesses version.

For those who currently running DART for Publishers, (the DART brand is being officially retired) Google also stated that they will be upgrading them to DoubleClick for Publishers over the next year as more modules and features are integrated; As well as moving Google Ad Manager customers to DFP Small Businesses in the coming weeks.

For continuous coverage of DoubleClick for Publishers, visit the DFP blog.

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