Posted to Volacci's blog on May 5th, 2011

Google Analytics Version 5 rolls out some new features, expands on old


Google Analytics 5 is out, quietly released in compliance with Google's characteristic subtle release of new products and services. The new Analytics is being rolled out gradually but will eventually take Version 4’s place.

I just happened to have my magnifying glass during some routine analytics work for one of our SEO clients, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the clickable “New Version” option next to the account name in the top right corner.

So I clicked it, and this is what I saw.

Google Analytics Screenshot.jpg

I thought, “OK, not bad. The outdated design is gone, navigation seems easy enough to understand and it seems more intuitive than Version 4 without being too much different.”

But the features of the new version extend beyond a sleek new look. New features are introduced, but the new version expands on and improves old features. Some of the new features include (but are not limited to):

1. Multiple Dashboards - No longer do you need to dig through reports to find information you need - just pull the information you need in a customizable Dashboard, adding the widgets that will best tell you what you need to know in any area of SEO (without changing main dashboard settings!). For example, track your conversions goals, bounce rates and clicks on one “Conversions” Dashboard. You can create up to 20 Dashboards with up to 12 widgets on each.

2. Improved Multimedia Tracking - The new version allows users to track mobile websites, apps and devices, as well as flash, video and social network application tracking. The old version did much of this, but the new version reorganizes these components in a “Technology” silo and expands on some of its offerings.

3. Site Speed - Users can now track site speed within Analytics without having to open a separate tab for the Page Speed tool or Webmaster Tools. Analyze site speed across a specified period of time and see an increase or decrease in the time it takes various pages to load across your site.

NOTE: Don’t forget to add the below line of code to your GA code. Add it to Line 6 of your code, right under ‘trackPageview’. This will ‘install’ the new feature on your website.


If you use Google Analytics for anything, try out the new version. I like it. And there are friends who will help you along the way if you need it.