Posted to Volacci's blog on December 2nd, 2011

Google Analytics IQ Test: How to Study, Take and Pass

Google Analytics Certified

Everyone over here at Volacci holds a Google Analytics IQ certification, and everyone studied in different ways and to various levels in order to achieve it. We came away with a well-rounded approach to studying, taking and passing the Google Analytics IQ test. Here are a few points we compiled to help you study for and pass the test.

1. Know where to look. Instead of spending your time learning every facet of RegEx with hopes you’ll remember every detail on the test, set up an information database (digital .pdf), easily findable with “Command + F”. Spend your time learning your database and familiarizing yourself with where information is, not so much what the information is. You’ll be surprised how much Analytics you’ll actually learn by setting up a personal database.

2. Don’t rely fully on the Conversion University IQ videos. Don’t get me wrong, I watched them and found them helpful, but not as much more than a gateway to knowing what to study. Once you watch the videos, search for additional articles and resources in each of the 20+ topics covered by the videos. Additionally, Google has an abundance of articles pertaining to each of the video topics, so find and read those (for example: “What are regular expressions?”).

Google IQ videos

3. Utilize Google’s resources. Believe it or not, Google isn’t out to get you. There’s even a test question that flat out tells you to use Google’s IP range regular expressions tool to generate the answer, so you might as well have that pulled up when you take the test, along with any other pages you’d like to have on hand when taking the test.

4. Utilize the open-book (or computer, or cheat sheet) policy. After studying for and taking the IQ test, I’ve come to realize that the actual test is as much of a learning tool as any amount of studying. Being certified is not necessarily about having a 100 percent knowledge of everything pertaining to Google Analytics -- it’s more about knowing where to look for information and equipping yourself with the tools to potentially teach yourself a concept when it comes up.

I’m sure you’re just wanting to know what you should study in order to pass the test, but the above four points were much more helpful for us than knowing what to look at. But, to give the masses what they want, here are some things you need to look at in more depth. These are not all-encompassing, though, just the hot topics that received more attention than others.

COOKIES: The different types of cookies, duration, temporary vs persistent, scenarios for determining expiration.

ADWORDS & ANALYTICS INTEGRATION: Autotagging and cost data and how they work, clicks vs visits, filtering, what you see in Analytics when AdWords is properly synced, URL tagging and its variables, tagging links.

GOALS: Types of goals, the conversion goals interface in Analytics, setting up goals and funnels, URL match types.

INTERFACE: Spend a lot of time in Google Analytics. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with its components. Additionally, if you have an account, set up goals and filters, link your AdWords account, understand the information presented to you. Doing is almost always better than reading about doing.

Google Analytics Interface

NOTE: Google Analytics Version 5 was released early last year, so be aware of changes to the IQ test during 2012 Q1. Read our blog post about the new version. Now go and conquer the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test!