Google Adds Communities Feature to G+

Google Adds Communities Feature to G+

December 6th, 2012
Google Adds Communities Feature to G+

Google+ has implemented a new communities feature, seemingly in response to Facebook's Groups. The new feature allows users to create dedicated communities for specific interests or categories, making it easier than ever to find new like-minded Google+ users to add to circles.

According to an article on Search Engine Journal,

It will be interesting to see if Google+ Communities catches on in the same way that Facebook groups have done. Unlike with Facebook where users need to navigate to a particular group before posting something, it’s possible to post an item on Google+ Communities directly from the Google+ home screen. Simply post whatever it is you want to share, and then select the appropriate community circle to make it appear on the relevant page.
However, Google+ Communities do have a few key differences from Facebook's Groups. Some of the new features include the option to filter posts within a community by category or topic, larger photos, and hangout/event sharing directly on the Community page.
The implications of these Google+ Communities are exciting for SEOs and businesses. It will be interesting to see what people do with the new feature to boost their brands. 

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