Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on February 22nd, 2010

Five Reasons Why Drupal is Wildly Popular

Open source is quickly becoming the success story of this decade, and we are only two months into it! The momentum actually started a few years back with the Internet’s takeover of the first world’s attention, but I don’t think Dries Buytaert is complaining much. There are several different content management systems available to build your website with, but each one has their subtle differences.

At Volacci, we are convinced that there are content management systems, and then there is Drupal. Drupal stands out as a superior CMS experience for a host of reasons and I’m going to talk about five of those today, after the jump...

Code Base

As you know, open source is denoted by my computer’s dictionary as:

Computing denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed with or without modification.

This means that any and all code-slingers can get their hands into the proverbial play-do and tweak and customize to their hearts desire.

Drupal itself is built on solid code that is updated regularly and, of course, is open source and available to download. In fact, Drupal 7 Alpha was released at for testing.

Third Party Service

In recent years a third party ecosystem as developed on the fringe of Drupal’s world. It’s not quite Pandora, but they always add value to your use of Drupal. Check out:





What really sets Drupal apart from its fiercest competitor, Joomla, is the usability factor. According to human beings everywhere, Joomla has a very steep learning curve. In contrast, Drupal is very easy to use even if you don’t know jack about web design. Drupal is built with all user levels in mind and makes it easy to use for anyone with two left thumbs.


In some circles they are known as extensions or add-ons. In the Drupal world, there are modules for everything. With Drupal, you are actually limited by your imagination rather than the lack of modules. Much like the iPhone, if you want to do something, there is a module for that.


Last, but surely not least, is the Drupal community. They are like Dallas Cowboys fans.. they are everywhere! To be fair, all open source CMSs have user communities that help each other out. However, Drupal’s community easily takes the gold medal for support, help, and politeness. There is help for users of all skill levels, from the noobs to the experts. If you ask a question politely, you will politely get an answer very quickly.

There are many additional reasons why Drupal wins the gold medal in millions of hearts worldwide. Check out or for a more thorough look at the wildly popular CMS.

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