Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 24th, 2009

Five Holiday-Themed Drupal Modules For Your Website

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, but in these times of global warming, it can be more of a daydream than a reality. If you are located in a geographically-challenged area of the country, (Volacci calls Austin home) it can be impossible to enjoy a good snow ball fight over the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the season to your website! Here are five holiday-themed modules you can add to your Drupal website that will make you forget what view your window has to offer.

1. Snow Forecast

The Snow Forecast module integrates the weather service from with your website so your visitors know the conditions anywhere. This module will update every fourth hour with an issue over the next six days. Each day is divided into three periods: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, and each period is divided into three elevations: Min, Mid, Max.

2. Christmas Snow

Make it snow on your website! The Christmas Snow module is a very small module that, you guessed it, adds a Christmas Snow effect to your site. Get into the Christmas spirit by setting the number and speed of the snowflakes that fall down your page!

3. Season

The very simple Season module allows sites to have different seasons. This particular module only has summer and winter. The winter setting defines a cold, blue theme and blue nodes to the site.

4. Holidays

The Holidays module enables other modules to “talk” to various native calendars, e.g. the Hebrew calendar. The module also provides information about the holidays. This module is useful past the holiday season, as it will be supporting all national holidays very shortly.

5. Shabbat & Yom-Tov Guard

Jewish site owners are required by the Halacha (the Jewish Law) to close their site on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, if the site is aimed at a Jewish audience or is in a primarily Jewish language (Hebrew, Yiddish, or Ladino). The Shabbat & Yom-Tov Guard module watches Shabbat times and allows a website to be Shabbat and jewish holidays observant.

It’s the holiday season and everyone at Volacci is very thankful for the Drupal community and all that we’ve accomplished this year. We hope that everyone is home safely with their family and friends this time of year, sharing time and exchanging gifts with those we love the most.

Do you know of some festive, holiday-themed Drupal modules that I left off the list? Let me know in a comment below. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!