Posted to Volacci's blog on May 23rd, 2013

The First Full-Featured Marketing Automation Solution Optimized for Drupal

Volacci, the digital marketing software company that specializes in solutions for Open Source projects, unveiled a deep integration between Automatr and Drupal at Drupalcon Portland today. As the first fully-featured marketing automation solution optimized for Drupal, Automatr brings advanced marketing features into Drupal making it easier for marketers to create advanced campaigns and reports without ever leaving their Drupal admin screens.

As an advanced marketing automation platform, Automatr helps businesses increase engagement, automate email nurturing, score leads in real time, and track visitors’ online interactions over the life of a digital marketing campaign.

“Marketing runs on data and until now, it’s been hard to get useful information about user interactions out of Drupal.” said Ben Finkea, CEO, Volacci. “Automatr solves this and then takes it to another level by making marketing data available where marketers need it most - right in their Drupal website.”

Volacci provides an open API for Automatr which makes it easy for marketers and vendors to integrate it into their Drupal solutions. Volacci worked with Washington D.C.-based Azri Solutions to create the integration.

“We were excited to work with the Volacci team to bring Automatr to Drupal,” said Mohan Sunkara, CEO of Azri. “Digital marketing is complex and we see Automatr as an opportunity to make it easier and faster for our customers.”

Automatr can help businesses increase demand, generate qualified leads, automate email marketing, turn anonymous web traffic into known contacts, nurture leads and customer relationships, create decision-trees for drip email campaigns, and easily integrate with, SugerCRM, SalesLogix, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Starting at just $500/month, Automatr is an affordable and innovative option for marketers who use Drupal. Effective implementation is the key to fully utilize any marketing automation platform so the Volacci team provides free training, an extensive knowledge base, free support and one-on-one coaching.