Posted to Volacci's blog on August 27th, 2013

Fine Tuning a Newsletter Subscription Process

Email newsletters live and die by the quality of their subscription list. Growing a healthy list can be a long process, but when executed properly, should provide a steady stream of contacts to help business and marketing objectives. Following are a series of techniques, tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your email newsletter subscription process: 

Embedded Subscription Option

Small call-to-action style subscription forms tend to be the most effective style of obtaining new email addresses. These boxes allow users to enter basic information, usually just name and email address, from any number of pages on a website. The benefits of this option are that the forms are readily available and act as continuous calls to action throughout the site.

Subscription Page

Many websites also choose to have a separate subscription landing page, where users can subscribe to a general newsletter, or choose to manage between any number of subscription options. These pages are great at focusing the user’s attention on the subscription process, but have the drawback when compared with embedded subscription options of requiring users to take the additional step of navigating to the page.

Thank You Pages

There are two main styles of thanking users for submitting for an email newsletter subscription. The first style is to present a small thank you message in the place of the subscription box, simply letting users know that their information has been received. The second option is to send users to a separate thank you page, where any number of additional messages or prompts may be present.

The best selection depends largely on your marketing objectives. If a site owner wants users to continue navigating easily through the regular site, the first option would work best. However, if continued engagement is the goal, presenting users with multiple social media connection options or content downloads on a separate “Thank You” page may also be a good choice. For more information on thank you page best practices, check out our white paper on 10 Best Practices for Thank You Pages.

Confirmation Message

Best practices include sending a confirmation message to new subscribers to set communication expectations for the new relationships. Let subscribers know how often to expect new messages, the sort of content they will receive, and other ways they can connect with your business or organization. Finally, the confirmation message helps new subscribers familiarize themselves with your email marketing content while the action of subscription is still fresh in their minds. If, for some reason, marketing messages end in the junk mail folder, immediate messages have a significantly better chance of being moved into the inbox than messages a user might not be expecting days or weeks later.

A smooth email newsletter subscription process can greatly increase the quality and effectiveness of any email marketing campaign. To get more information about email newsletter best practices, check out Volacci’s Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook.

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