Facebook's New Edge Rank & How To Deal With It

Facebook's New Edge Rank & How To Deal With It

October 23rd, 2012

Facebook has recently modified its edge rank algorithm, much to the dismay of a number of brand pages. The changes have a wide-spread effect, but most notable of all may be the significant drop off in reach that a number of pages have seen. So what do the edge rank changes mean for brands, and how can brands deal with the upset?

According Robin Grant, We Are Social’s global managing director, there’s hope for brands. “Facebook is trying to direct users toward posts with more engagement,” she said, adding that “pages have to figure out what they can do to boost engagement — largely, discovering new ways to truly connect with their fan base.

“Facebook’s changes mean brands need to shift to creating social content that is as engaging as the posts you see from friends and family, and supplement this with a sophisticated paid promotion strategy. And unless they have these skills in-house, they will need the help of specialist social agencies with the ability to create this engaging content and plan media against it.”

Mateo Gutierrez, CEO of Socialtyze, agreed with Grant in a Huffington Post article. "In this context the challenge for brands is to thoughtfully understand your fans in a very deep way. Speak to them in ways that are relevant to the space. Understand how they want to identify with your brand.”

MediaBistro in particular had clear, actionable advice for brands regarding the new changes to facebook’s algorithm, detailing how to cope with the changes in four steps:

  1. Write engaging and interactive posts.
  2. Improve engagement with the readers you already have.
  3. Don’t pester your readers or make them mad.
  4. Don’t forget Facebook will promote your posts for a fee.

What do you think? Has your brand’s page been affected by the recent changes? How are you coping with the new algorithm? Let us know in the comments below!

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