Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 22nd, 2010

DrupalConSF2010 Pre-Conference Drupal SEO Hands-On Training Preview

drupal is flexible The one thing that makes Drupal so powerful – its flexibility – is a blessing and a curse. While it allows Drupal to excel at all things “open source”, it can also be overwhelming to configure correctly for an optimal relationship with the search engines. Queue Volacci’s Drupal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Hands-On Training! On Sunday, April 18th, at DrupalCon’s Pre-Conference training, Volacci is giving an all-day, hands-on professional training course on Drupal SEO that will help you amp up your Drupal knowledge all the way to 11! From Drupal neophyte to ninja, there is something for everyone at Drupal SEO Hands-On Training by Volacci. Our training begins with Drupal SEO basics and works through to some advanced SEO techniques that give your Drupal website a clear advantage. Here is a quick preview of our entire training session:

FOR DRUPAL SEO NEOPHYTES learning drupal and SEO Everyone has to start somewhere. With basic Drupal knowledge – from logging in, creating content, and installing modules – you will learn how to build a perfectly optimized and ROI-maximized Drupal site. Here is the first act of our training session: Introduction to Drupal SEO • Volacci Drupal SEO team introduction • Why Drupal is great for SEO Essential SEO Tools • Drupal SEO modules • Setting up Google Analytics • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools • Other helpful tools Keyword Research • What are keywords and why we use them • Keyword goals • Keyword research tools • Choosing the best keywords On-Page Optimization • Page Titles • URLs • Redirects • Headings • Menus and navigation • Media optimization • Meta tags FOR DRUPAL SEO ARTISANS drupal SEO You will have all the basics down by this point, so its time to move on to the intermediate Drupal SEO skills. Site structure and organization is the proverbial road map of your Drupal site, and the search engine spiders use it every time they crawl your site. If your site isn’t giving clear directions, you need a new map. Sitemaps • XML sitemaps • Google News XML sitemap • Visitor facing sitemaps Robots, .htaccess, and W3C • Optimizing the robots.txt file • Mastering the .htaccess file • W3C markup validation FOR DRUPAL SEO NINJAS We will also take a deeper look at advanced SEO topics, i.e. A/B testing, landing page optimization, conversion strategies, and automatic content tagging, in order to set your site up as a finely-tuned Drupal SEO machine! RSS, Site Speed, and Testing • Setting up RSS feeds • Speeding up your site • Testing your SEO efforts Conversion Optimization • Conversion goals • Conversion paths • Calls to action • Usability and A/B testing SIGN UP NOW! If you want a significant online advantage over your non-Drupal competitors and maximize the ROI of your Drupal web site, don't miss this training session. There are only a few spots left, so sign up now! **Please Note: The DrupalConSF2010 Pre-Conference training sessions are only available to those who purchase a DrupalCon ticket.**