Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 21st, 2009 Gets Makeover

Most, if not all, people familiar with Drupal know of its home at, where all the activities amongst the community’s developers and their amazing contributed modules strive for excellence. However, most folks who are unfamiliar with the “.org” address and are doing research on the CMS assume that the Drupal site ends in a .com and go to Until now, has been a placeholder page forwarding visitors to the project page, but it has been experiencing a significant amount of traffic from those would-be noobies.

Now, with the combined efforts of Development Seed, Raincity’s Robert Scales and Drupal community “hero” Boris Mann, future Drupal members have an awesome website in to learn about the popular CMS. This is an exciting moment for all members of the Drupal community, because, as Jeff Traynor puts it on the Raincity website:

“We already know that Drupal is powerful, but, like at the end of many Hollywood teen flicks, the nerdy girl just took off her glasses on prom night and it turns out she’s beautiful!”