Posted to Volacci's blog on October 27th, 2011

Drupal SEO at DrupalCamp Austin 2011

DrupalCamp Austin Volacci


It's that time of year again, folks. 

The time when Austin fills up with 300 Drupal fans and professionals and you can barely drive down I-35 without seeing a bumper sticker that says "Drupal Like it's Hot" or "My Other Car is a Drupal". But seriously, we love this event because, for a short time, the Drupal world comes to where we live and work as Drupal SEO professionals every day. It's just delightful.

Well, we love to contribute at DrupalCamp Austin each year. This year, we've decided to propose a session that allows attendees to pick our brains on the ins and outs of Drupal SEO, from module selection, installation and configuration, to on-page SEO best practices and creating SEO-centric content. We will discuss these issues and answer your questions in a panel-style Q&A format.

Who will be on the panel?

Erik Wagner, our esteemed Internet Marketing Manager; Mitch Holt(me), Internet Marketing Coordinator; Lauren Tucker, our Social Media Guru and SEO Specialist; and Resalin Rago, our Content Specialist.

Together? The SEO perfect storm.

Please visit the DrupalCamp Austin website, login and vote for our session. We can't wait to see you Drupal lovers in our neck of the woods.

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