Drupal SEO Checklist: Now for Drupal 9!

Thank you to Travis Carden for helping us get this module updated for Drupal 9!

The Drupal SEO Checklist module is sponsored by Volacci and was created in conjunction with Ben Finklea's SEO Books:

What does the Drupal SEO Checklist Module Do?

The Drupal SEO Checklist uses best practices to check your website for proper search engine optimization. It eliminates guesswork by creating a functional to-do list of modules and tasks that remain. Updated regularly with the latest techniques, it makes on-page Drupal search engine optimization hassle-free.

It breaks the tasks down into functional needs like Title Tags, Paths, Content and much more. Next to each task is a link to download the module from D.o and a link to the proper admin screen of your website so that you can configure the settings perfectly.

Drupal SEO Checklist also keeps track of what has already been done. It places a date and time stamp next to each item (when you click save). That provides a simple report that you can share with others showing what's been done.

Get the Drupal SEO Checklist Module

Download the module here: http://drupal.org/project/seo_checklist and follow these simple instructions for installing and using the module.

While this module is no replacement for proper Drupal SEO Consulting, it's a great start down the path for any Drupal website.