Posted to Brian Solka's blog on February 19th, 2014

Drupal Resources for Marketers

A list of resources to help with your daily Drupal interactions.

There are many resources available for marketers. Finding Drupal-related marketing resources can be a little bit trickier. Don’t worry, though, I’ve done some of that work for you. Below is a list of useful Drupal resources for marketers to help with those inevitable Drupal-related questions that may arise. Hope you find this helpful; enjoy.

This list of resources will be broken up into two categories: specifically related to Drupal and generally helpful.

Specifically Related to Drupal:

  • How it’s useful: “Come for the software, stay for the community.” Drupal pretty much hit the nail on the head with their tagline. Of course, there are many benefits of using Drupal (which I won’t be listing here), but the availability of support and number of people willing to lend a hand is astounding. That’s pat-on-the-back worthy. Visit Drupal’s website (especially for information ranging from basics for newbies to extremely in-depth community-wide conversations about complex projects. It is the Drupal website after all. and BuildAModule

  • How it’s useful: Both of these websites serve a similar purpose: to provide relevant and helpful Drupal training for you and/or your team. Both are paid services but offer some free support and training. I can personally say that I have used both websites for different problems I was having on different occasions and left with the answer I was looking for, and more!


  • How we’re useful: Volacci is the Drupal marketing company; we’re one-of-a-kind and offer significant insight on digital marketing as it relates to Drupal. We are more than willing to answer any questions you have and you can readily expect that we will deliver. Visit our blog page for useful tips and how-tos.


  • How it’s useful: Last but not least, when in doubt, Google it. Sometime over the last 3-5 years, Google has “made it” in my mind; my way of determining this is solely based on the fact that a company/service (Google) can also be used as a verb: Google it. I feel that I either hear or use it on a daily basis. Of course, there’s a reason for that, and that is because generally when we want to learn something, we “Google it”. Need to settle a debate between friends? Google it. In all seriousness, Google (or your search engine of choice) can lead you to some of the most helpful information available on the web; that is their number one goal after all.

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