Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 10th, 2009

The Drupal Community Answers The Question: What PMS Do We Use?

Last month I published a blog post asking the Drupal community what Project Management Software they use, how they use it, and what their experience was. This was in an effort to understand what PMSes are being implemented amongst our inspiring community of Drupal fans. Are they enjoying the software or cursing and shaking their angry fists at the screen? We received a total of 17 unique comments, with 13 answers to the query. Thank you all so much that responded and contributed your knowledge to our growing community. Here are some of the highlights from all of the awesome responses:


The fine folks over at Orchestra Team chimed in on their experience with OpenGoo:

“We've been on OpenGoo for about a month and it is phenomenal. Workspaces, Drag and Drop, Email, and it's open source, free, and on our server.” - Submitted by Orchestra Team

Open Atrium

A very big thanks to Christefano of Exaltation of Larks for the advantages of open source and project management extranets:

“Our project management extranet at Exaltation of Larks has always consisted of Drupal core, CCK, Views, Organic Groups, Case Tracker and other helper modules... We just switched over to Open Atrium (which uses the same components we've already gotten used to) and we haven't looked back. The prospect of using an open-source, self-hosted, crowd-sourced project management platform is exciting enough but a decided advantage for us was being able to migrate years worth of work from our old extranet to our new one.” - Submitted by Christefano of Exaltation of Larks


We heard from Michelle over at Appnovation that project management is more than just software:

“We use BaseCamp right now. It's an important means of communicating with our clients, each other, and keeping track of milestones... Any tool that can integrate communication, time-tracking (we use TickSpot), and ticket-tracking features would be an ideal solution.” - Submitted by Michelle of Appnovation


Eclipse from The Worx Company puts the efficiency of RIAT and Drupal to work:

“In the last 6 months or so, a number of clients have all shown up with some common needs, namely the ability to have what amounts to OG style groups within other groups, and the ability to define workflows of content types in a plastic nature (think something like case tracker, but where you could define all the different node types involved with ease). That is exactly what RIAT is striving to do... I'm hoping the community at large will take some serious time to play with it in order to give Drupal the edge it needs to really make intranets/project management a breeze to create.” - Submitted by Eclipse from The Worx Company

Honorable Mentions

Other Project Management Software Systems mentioned in the comments were Assembla, Django, Redmine, Trac(Java), Chieftent (on iPhone), and Unfuddle.

Thank you all again for your feedback and contribution to the Drupal community. Your knowledge and experience will be very helpful for anyone who wants their Drupal projects to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Ben Finklea
CEO of Volacci