Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 2nd, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Team Up With SEO

One of the most popular (and controversial) sports franchises in the world jumped on the SEO bandwagon this week. In an attempt to increase organic traffic for their online pro shop, the Dallas Cowboys have teamed up with a hometown SEO firm, New Media Gateway. The marketing move was made to generate traffic and get the most targeted visitors to all of the team’s sites through an extensive SEO and SEM campaign.

Could this be a move to counter the lack of publicity America’s team will generate, sans Pacman Jones and TO? Mostly likely, the answer is no. Charles King, director of web development at NMG, says that even brand giants like the Cowboys need search engine optimization for their marketing campaigns. All companies, big and small, should focus on more than traffic to gain solid ROI, otherwise you will waste away your budget.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is no longer about traffic anymore. There are enough tools out there to build solid analytics, to maximize unique and targeted visits, and to build websites that are optimized to convert. According to a report from Forbes last December, the 10 most popular jerseys in all of sports were from the NFL. Of those 10, three belonged to the Dallas Cowboys: quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten and former wide receiver, Terrell Owens.

Typically, sports and teams have been slow to warm up to search engine optimization. Sports sites are a great place to find bad URLs because content is changing constantly. Here is a good example of a bad URL: This a perfect example of a nightmarish title, in terms of SEO. Would you query for any keywords in this string? You shouldn’t use more than one, or any, dynamic attributes within a URL. It could even have a negative effect within the ranking process due to the “?” and “=” present in the structure.

In our current digital paradigm, it is important to rank above and beyond the competition. Whether you are the category leader, follower, or straggler, properly-invested SEO will only increase your changes of prosperity. Volacci is in the business of prosperity. In fact, we are so passionate about your prosperity, we guarantee that you'll earn enough additional profits to pay for our services or we'll work for free until you do.

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