Creating & Marketing a Top-Notch Infographic

Creating & Marketing a Top-Notch Infographic

October 19th, 2012

David Wallace at Search Engine Journal posted a great article on the convergence of search & social, specifically when marketing infographics for SEO. He covers a number of great points on creating and marketing a great infographic.

Looking at infographics as a content marketing strategy, keep in mind that while a relatively new term to Internet marketing, infographics have been used throughout history. Here are some key points to consider in your infographic marketing strategy.


  1. It All Starts With a Great Idea
  2. Back It Up With Research
  3. Make Sure It’s Pretty
  4. Promote Your Infographic
  5. Measure For Success

Wallace suggests that when you’re marketing an infographic (or any piece of content!), you should keep these tips in mind:

  • The general nature of the piece will determine which social networks it will do best on.
  • Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery to draw more attention to your infographic.
  • If content is interesting, time-sensitive, or controversial, it should do well on Reddit.
  • If you lack influence, it might be wise to hire someone who does to share content.
  • Include an “Embed This Code!” (


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