Create Custom Campaign Landing Pages or Lose Sales

Create Custom Campaign Landing Pages or Lose Sales

February 6th, 2013
Create Custom Campaign Landing Pages or Lose Sales

Homepages have a conversion rate of less than 2%. So why are 38% of internet users who click on paid search ads led to company home pages rather than dedicated landing pages?

The numbers speak for themselves. 43% of marketers who have hired web design experts to create dedicated landing pages for their campaigns rated this tactic as very effective. Likewise, brands and companies who use multiple landing pages report higher success rate in terms of lead generation

If you are creating a separate landing page for your campaign, here are the elements that separate an effective landing page from an ineffective one.


Optimize Landing Pages
Technically optimizing your landing pages include the following makes sure that your site will appear relevant to specific customers on specific devices-- it will help you ensure that customers most likely to turn into leads will be directed to your site.
Use Credibility Indicators
Trust is the stimulus of conversion and a good website design for a landing page should be able to build trust. Credibility indicators such as awards your organization has received, buyers’ ratings, customer testimonials and social signals (i.e. Facebook likes) are good examples.
Develop Persuasive Content
The content of your landing page should be straight to the point, but not so straightforward that it would sound too hard to sell. Consider your audience's emotional motivations to come up with persuasive copy that is short, crisp, but nevertheless, highly impactful.
Add Images and Movies
Adding a preview image of your products or services can increase conversion by up to 300%. Use relevant visual elements without cluttering your page and distracting your audience.
Important Content At the Top of the Page
You want your audience to find the most important information – your offer, your call to action, and your unique selling proposition – without the need to scroll down. 
Developing a Strong and Creative Call to Action
A landing page can in fact have a primary and a secondary call to action. Make sure that you put your primary call to action above the fold. Be more creative than the ubiquitous “Order Now” or “Subscribe Now.” Most of the time, people will respond not because of what you are saying, but how you are saying it.
Regularly  Test
Only 52% of brands who utilize landing pages test their landing pages for conversion optimization. Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your landing page by regularly running A/B tests.

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