Posted to Volacci's blog on June 2nd, 2011

Conversion Optimization Corner: Poll Your Audience!

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As a website owner or webmaster, it is hard to know who your site visitors are and what they want when you’re sitting behind a computer most of your workday. On the other hand, the demands of your job and your geographic location do not allow you to get out there and have a chat with your site’s visitors over a nice cup of tea. Is there a solution that would allow you to discover more about your audience without leaving your office?

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“You Betcha!”

This is not a paid endorsement of and I was not asked to mention them. However, I came across their site when looking for a resource that would enable one to easily embed polls, surveys, quizzes, etc. on their blog, website, or social media outlets. It appears to be a good resource, so I thought it would be helpful to make mention of them.

As a website owner/webmaster, you should be very concerned with who your site’s visitors are. If you can’t identify who they are and what they need, how are you going to target your marketing around them? Even seemingly arbitrary polls can allow you to get to know your visitors just a little more:

POLL: What is your favorite soda?

Other polls can be centered around the type of computer, OS, or browser your site’s visitors use. This can help you identify how to implement your site’s code for optimum performance with their experience of browsing your site:

POLL: Mac or PC?

More than likely though, at some point you should be asking the questions that relate specifically to your website’s service or product offering. Getting to know exactly what your audience needs will help you to find the best focus for your site’s calls to action, content, and marketing campaign:

POLL: What does your website need most?

In the end though, what matters most is what you do with the information you gather. You also need to follow up with an appropriate call to action, such as:

If you clicked on one of the first three responses in the previous poll:

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