Posted to Volacci's blog on May 25th, 2011

Conversion Optimization Corner: Clickability Craziness

Family Guy Peter Griffin Don't Push Button

Everyone likes a well-designed button; web surfers like them, design geeks like them, and conversion optimization nerds like them. Sadly, most small businesses don’t have a decent button within 100 miles of their site. Let’s go over a few important facts about buttons:

What Makes a Great Button?: A great, well-designed button will look like it is physically protruding, as if you could (or wish you could) reach out and feel the contours of that button on the screen. The writing inside the button is clear and is in active language. In other words, the buttons command an action.

Why Are Great Buttons Important?: Well, for all the reasons a great button is great! - precisely because it commands an action. (That’s why it works so well as a call to action!) You could spend 20 minutes in a video explaining why someone should do something, but if you have a perfect button, nearly everyone will click it. Why? Because, it seems, humans have an inherent impulse to interact with and/or depress protrusions.

In other words, Whac-A-Mole is a human biological drive.


Here are a few examples of some really well-designed buttons. NOTE: Think about how much they look like they are physically there and that they are protruding. Pay attention to the commanding verbiage, as well.

1. The first button is from

Post a Job Button

2. The second button is from Oh! Media

Oh! Media button

3.Finally, the third button (actually, it's really a twofer!) is from

Logbook by Transmission Apps button

Now, let’s look at some crappy buttons. NOTE: Look at how everything about them is wrong. Ask yourself why. (To save from embarrassment, no links or credit is given to the creators or the site they originate from.)

Crappy Sign Up Button

Crappy Click Here Button

Another Crappy Sign Up Button

If you can't tell the difference between the first three buttons and the second three buttons and you own a website, click the button below:

free quote button


a shameless plug with an image of a drain plug in a two-piece bikini running with the top of the bikini in its hand waving it around