Posted to Volacci's blog on June 19th, 2013

Content Marketing Explained

This brief video looks at the concepts of content marketing, as applied in a way we've all seen before - a grocery store magazine. We look at the ways that a successful chain store is able to educate, engage and inform their customers while still meeting their marketing goals. Anyone know where to get some popcorn?


Content marketing isn’t some untested new online trick, it has been around your whole life. My favorite example of content marketing that you grew up with is something like this, a magazine from my local grocery chain.


Content marketing is an established marketing tool used to educate, engage and inform your audience, building a relationship of mutual trust and respect that grows your audience, and eventually sales. Lets take a look at the magazine.


Here we see a beautiful layout, good use of branding and a central theme to the magazine of “Healthy New Year.” Their slogan is My HEB, and we see it here, with a double application for My TexasLife.


Inside, we start with a newsletter-style update from one of their executives. This magazine is widely distributed, so already we have value from putting the newsletter in so many customers’ hands.

On the next page, we see an ad for a kids’ contest, engaging them and building a sense of family-friendly fun. Doesn’t it just seem easier to take kids to the store with you if they think it might be fun? I know H.E. Buddy agrees.

Over here we have a crossword puzzle. What in the world would a grocery store want with a crossword puzzle? There may be one or two cute tie-ins with the clues, but for the most part, this is jabout engagement - giving adults a reason to hang on the magazine, keep it around and find value or entertainment in the content.

We also see lots of information about HEB’s charity work. This isn’t directly helping sell anything, but it builds important feelings of community, goodwill and trust.

Healthy living tips continue that relationship and begin changing HEB’s role from simple food service provider to an educator about the things important to the customers.

We see that again here, where HEB goes beyond mere tips and actively shows readers how to make informed decisions for a healthier diet. This section actually empowers the reader with concrete changes that may lead a healthier life.

Of course, we also have recipes inspiring customers to try new ingredients or use products in a creative way.

There is even more information about other departments like beauty and cosmetics, family and babies, pets, and healthy homes.

HEB does an incredible job of making sure that there is ample content for all different types of users. Content marketing establishes the relationship, trust and information that consumers need to make sure you end up getting their business. It certainly worked for me.

Digital content marketing is simply taking these tried and tested practices and moving them online where you can reach your audience with minimal cost and effort. You no longer need to be a giant grocery store chain with a big publishing budget to provide informative, engaging content that builds customer loyalty. At Volacci, we’ll show you how to turn your expertise into marketing intelligence.

I’m Chris Gaffney, Volacci’s Content Specialist. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about content marketing. I’d love to hear from you.