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Can I automate my marketing?

I recently read notes from two exhausted marketers, spread so thin they didn’t have the resources to complete basic marketing tasks.

exhausted marketer

Issue 1:
“...We spend all this time collecting data from our clients and prospects, but we don’t know how to use it most of the time. Additionally, it feels like our prospects are falling through the cracks because we don’t/can’t keep tabs on them after they fill out a form.”

Issue 2:
“...It’s easy getting first-time buyers, but we’ve had the hardest time getting those same people back for a second, third, fourth purchase.”

Whether you can relate more with Issue 1 or Issue 2, you probably wish there was a way to automate your marketing and communication with prospects, customers, target audience, etc. I have good news for you.

What is Marketing Automation?
As you might know, marketing automation is the act of using technology to communicate with and qualify potential customers and/or repeat customers without having to directly manage the process. If done correctly, it should lower marketing costs by increasing the effectiveness of your customer outreach, as well as increasing productivity in the sales process by eliminating menial interactions.

It allows you to monitor the website behavior of your visitors, and to build email lists and craft campaigns around certain types of people, and nurture your prospects until they’re ready for your sales process. It’s the closest you can get to marketing magic, if there is such a thing.

Why Use Marketing Automation?

  • You want to make better use of the data you collect from your customers and prospects

  • You have a long sales cycle and want to nurture leads until they're ready to buy

  • You want to start a data-driven email marketing and newsletter campaign to increase revenue

  • You want to reduce the abandon rate on your shopping cart by reaching out to customers who didn't finish the checkout process

  • You want to convert first-time buyers into repeat customers on your e-Commerce website

What Can I Expect from Marketing Automation?

  • Your marketing automation platform will take the overwhelming amounts of contact information from Issue 1 above, organize it, assign a lead score to it and keep track of it for you all the way to the sales process
  • Your marketing automation platform will leverage your digital assets -- whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, newsletters -- and help you truly use them as lead generating tools
  • Your marketing automation platform will make your sales team more productive by scoring leads and sending them to the sales pipeline when (and only when) they are a truly qualified lead

Your marketing automation will quickly become your marketing MVP, and an essential part of your team. It will allow you to put the painful parts of your day away (queuing emails, tracking visits, calling unqualified “leads”), and focus on what you were born to do: lead, strategize, generate revenue.

What areas of your marketing would you like to automate?

If you already use a marketing automation tool, what do you like most about it and what would you change?

Post your comments below.

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