Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 22nd, 2014

Sales Systems [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

The importance of implementing sales systems and what they should involve.

Tip of the day: Build sales systems supported by your processes.

Hi this is Ben, welcome to the podcast, episode five. This is a quick two-minute podcast that helps executives think and be more efficient with their businesses. Last time we talked about systems and I wanted to delve in specifically to the sales system that I've been building for my company Volacci. As I mentioned before, we've had salesmen, but haven't built a sales system. And so what a sales system is is a complete soup to nuts, here's the way sales should work at the company. It's a definition of here's where the leads come from and I'm a strong believer in having 10 different sources of leads and that can be like your newsletter, trade shows, cold calling, website, online advertising partners. Things like that are some of those 10. But the sales system has got to include how do you find and hire sales people? How do you onboard and train them? How do you give them ongoing training? And then what is it they're supposed to do when they get a lead? Should they pick up the phone and call immediately or should they do research first? Should it go through someone else before it goes to the salesperson? If they're doing cold-calling, where are they going to get a list? How is that list vetted? And it's written down so that they can be repeated again, again, and again. We've got an intranet where we create all of the different processes that we use and in creating a sales system, what I need, is I need to be able to go out and hire the right kind of person into the system that can come in and run the systems that I've created, or that my team has created, and put those in place. So it's of course not something I can cover inside of two minutes, but it is something that we should always think about anytime we want a consistent result do we have set systems in place

Ben Finklea, CEO Volacci