Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on February 3rd, 2014

Delegation [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

The difference between delegating and abdicating

Tip of the day: Delegate


Hi, welcome to the podcast. I'm going to dive right in here to at topic that I think is important. It's the one of delegation versus abdication. Delegation is where you assign work to someone that reports to you or someone that you work with for them to get done instead of for you to do that work and I think delegation is one of the most powerful things that can make you effective as an executive. However, there is an idea that some people have that delegation is just handing it off and then never checking back in and that's really what I call abdication and that means you're just giving off all responsibility for a particular task and you pretty much have to accept whatever that person does.

Good delegation gives you, rather I should say a good delegator will circle back around with the things that have been delegated and makes sure that they're getting done, makes sure they're getting done properly, and you can check in frequently on the things that are of high importance to you or just check in periodically to make sure things are generally headed in the right direction. But, the only things that I would really suggest that you abdicate are the things that just don't matter like picking the color of the paint for the break room. Well, you can abdicate a decision like that but pretty much anything short of just stylistic guidelines, I tend to really want to have more input on even if it's just occasional input to make sure things in the right direction.

So, what are the things in your life that you are delegating, and what are the things in your life that you're really abdicating, and perhaps you should step back in on and get a little bit more visibility into.

Ben Finklea, CEO Volacci