Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 8th, 2010

The Benefits of PPC

PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search – whatever you want to call it – provides your online marketing campaign the flexibility and connectivity that most other initiatives cannot. There are many benefits of a PPC campaign, especially when your business (and the entire globe) are battling through a recession.

PPC is simple. You author up a short ad and choose what keyword(s) you want to be listed for in the search engines. Once someone queries your keyword in the search engine, your sponsored ad will pop up. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine for that traffic. An eye for an eye, as they say all too often. This form of advertising is more prominent than normal search results. Here are a few more benefits of PPC that may intrigue you to begin.

You Get What You Pay For

With PPC, you pay for every click you get on your ad. This means that you can control your costs and don’t pay for a “promised” percentage of traffic volume. Cost-Per-Click is very affordable but depends on the keyword and engine. This makes PPC an effective and cost-controlling way to generate large amounts of traffic to your site.

Traffic Doesn’t Go To The Highest Bidder

You don’t have to pay a small fortune to get the highest positioning in the sponsored links. If you choose the keyword placements and write great headlines and ads, you will get the huge flux of traffic that you dreamed of over winter break. You can make a sizable profit from the lower spots, so it is recommended that you strike a balance between expenses and results.

Scientific and Specialized

The ways and means you can use PPC to work for your business can be highly scientific and specialized. With online innovation changing the way we do business almost daily, PPC allows you to market within innovation, not beside it. You can focus on several difference keywords at the same time, on product-specific engines or service engines. Once you formulate the best channel and most innovative method to speak to your targeted audience, you will more than pay for your clicks.

Flexibility Isn’t Just For Dancers

With PPC campaigns, you can track your conversions and see what keywords are working and which ones are not. Just by adding a line or three to certain parts of your landing pages, you will be surprised to find out which keywords are converting and which are just producing clicks. This will help you increase your keyword bidding effectiveness as well.

There is a science to PPC marketing, and with more innovation breaking ground over at Google every day, there are more specialized ways to manage an effective PPC campaign. PPC is making money for tons of businesses and brands, is it making money for yours?

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