Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 6th, 2010

The SEO Value of Linkbait

Let’s be honest, the term ‘linkbait’ just sounds... bad. Almost illegal, really. Those who aren’t completely familiar with the term may mistake linkbaiting as ‘blackhat’ SEO tactics. And by all means, you wouldn’t associate linkbaiting with the words ‘sharing’ or ‘giving’, but that is exactly what it is. When it comes to linkbait, it’s all about giving.

What is Linkbait?

Linkbait is simply the process of creating some attractive content, whether it be an article, image, video, or blog post, and encouraging people to link to it. You are giving people your awesome content in order to gain their link. Linkbait content should be free, and must be appealing to the people you want to link with.

When you are creating linkbait, you should consider your angle. What type of online community do you want to appeal to? Choosing a specific niche audience is the right way to go, but creating great linkbait will take some research or insight. Taking a strong opinion on a controversial issue is one way to attract attention. Creating a humorous parody on pop culture seems to keep YouTube in business. Keep in mind that if you decide on an event or circumstance that is timely, the appeal will last as long as that event’s does.

Valuable and Optimized

Linkbait is a great way to build links for your site, providing it with more authority in the eyes of the search engines and, thus, your ranking goes up. But to get the most SEO value out of your linkbait, you need to use these basic tips. Just like with movie titles and newspapers, the headline can mean the difference between millions of readers and no readers. Keep your title specific, punchy, and intriguing. Use one of your targeted keywords in the title where possible and add your site’s tags. At the same time, don’t over-optimize for the search engines and drive your human traffic away.

When your linkbait is ready to be dangled online, don’t forget to hit the social scene to promote it to the masses. Social bookmarking sites, Twitter, and Facebook will be very helpful for encouraging your targeted community to engage, spread, and repeat. If you feature a bookmarking button on the content, it will be easier for your audience to link and share your linkbait.

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