Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 29th, 2009

How Bing Is Better

With as much money as Microsoft is pumping into Bing, it is no surprise that the “decision engine” is now the fastest growing search engine. A Nielsen report recently shows that Bing currently holds 10.7 percent of the search market to Google’s 65 percent. But Bing’s current month-to-month growth is approaching 22 percent, which is dropping jaws in many people’s breakfast cereal.

Bing is emerging through the hype as a very viable alternative to Google. In fact, Bing actually holds the upper hand on a few incentives that Google isn’t competing with at the moment. Here are some features that Bing offers that are growing in popularity.

1. Visual Search

Visual search, a US-only product, is a tool that allows the user to dive into search results and uncover valuable information through image galleries instead of text. The galleries pack insightful information in more convenient ways that are interesting and innovative.

2. Travel Insight

Who doesn’t like to travel? Bing’s Travel features have become preferable for two consumer-friendly reasons: airfare deals and farecast technology. The farecast technology helps identify trends in flight prices and expected price fluctuations. This feature can be very helpful with coordinating undefined travel plans.

3. Enhanced Search

Despite the lack of an uncomfortable TV commercial, you may have noticed Bing has some enhanced search features that improve the experience: inline enhanced view options and preview windows for results. Both of these features can save you the hassle of digging through pages of results by providing results with an orange dot to mouse over for additional information. This will end your headaches of dead ends and disappointing, irrelevant SERPs.

Whether you are a Google or Bing fan, it is good to know there are options out there for to find the best information or make the best decision possible. As the competition in the search market stiffens, search features will only evolve and improve for the better.