Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 23rd, 2009

Five Signs of a Great Link Builder

Whether you are hiring your own in-house link builder or taking stock in that new SEO firm you are blirting (business flirting), take note that the position requires a dynamic skill set that combines multiple disciplines. There are certain skills that a great link builder possesses and, if they excel in at all of the five skills, the more likely they will be successful at building your SEO. Here are five signs of a great link builder:

1. “Man of Many Hats”

In the marketing and advertising circles, it is a well-known saying and implies that you need to be an expert on the surface of many topics. This is extremely important for SEO and SEO companies. A link builder may be spending their morning working with a dermatologist and the afternoon on a provider of unified communications. It takes a certain amount of mental juice to efficiently produce every day.

2. If I Only Had A Right-Brain

Any position within an SEO company, or any company for that matter, takes a certain amount of creativity to not only produce solid results, but exceed expectations. You should want someone who can come up with new and creative ideas for tools, content, widgets, or an additional blog. Then they can market those new products with greater success.

3. Task-Oriented

Creatives tend to get flack for unorthodox hours, sweat pants, and blood-shot eyes. Yet, even creatives get work done and get it done well. You can have a creative link builder who completes tasks such as project management, development, and actual marketing. A great link builder is able to take a project from scratch and follow it through to completion.

4. Detail-Oriented

How would you like a link builder who gets great links but the wrong anchor text? Oops, whammy! How about a link builder who continues to call the same sites and bloggers each month? That is one of the fastest ways to spam-hood there is online. What is even more embarrassing is getting called out as a spammer in a public forum or blog comment. Hire someone who is detailed-oriented and it will help prevent lots of problems.

5. Multi-Tasking ‘Gur-ninja’

They say never to trust anyone who refers to themselves as a ‘ninja’ or ‘guru’. With that being said, combining the two should mean that said person is probably the biggest multi-tasking mother ever! Any great link building ‘gur-ninja’ will be able to manage many tasks at once, including email, social media, instant messaging, telephone, and having two-dozen tabs open in Firefox.

In the end, every applicant will have their positives and negatives. The best approach is to try and find the right balance of the above five skill sets for your company’s needs. If any candidate excels in all of five categories, you’ve got yourself the ‘gur-ninja’ you’ve been waiting for all these years.