Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 17th, 2009

SEO Keyword Density

In SEO, the word is the bird. Targeting keywords and phrases help businesses, websites, and brands get ranked online and potentially found by consumption-hungry web users. (I can’t help but lick my own chops while writing that sentence) When creating the ‘written word’ for your website, article marketing, blog, e-newsletter, case study, web page, or meta description, you need to use the keywords in the title and body content.

For SEO purposes, having a quality keyword density in your content will help your content or website get ranked well for said word or phrase. For search engine optimization efforts, keyword density should be 2 to 5 percent. Here is a rocking tip for calculating keyword density.

Step 1: Figure out your word count.

Any word processing program should have a document information tab of some sort. In Pages, you can just highlight the entire article and the word count will appear at the bottom.

Ex: Your article is 600 words long. (highly recommended word count for SEO articles)

Step 2: Figure out how many times you used the keyword

Go to the ‘Edit’ tab on the top toolbar. Select ‘Find’. Make sure your cursor is at the top of the page and type your keyword in the Find box. Click ‘Find Next’ and count how many there are.

Step 3: Crunch some math

Divide the number of times your keyword appears by the total number of words in your article. The decimal answer converts to percentage by moving the decimal over to the right two places.

Ex: 20 keywords divided by 600 word article equals .03333 or 3.3 percent. Not too shabby, as they say in some countries. Now do your own homework.

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