Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 16th, 2009

How To Get Facebook Fans To Take Action

Any business with a Facebook Fan Page, may I please have your attention. Despite your initial intentions of creating a FB page to establish a conversation and a relationship, there are simple ways to turn your raving fans into customers. Large brands may not want to focus on landing sales through their profile, but smaller businesses may want to focus on generating leads by a growing fan base on the social site.

Your first priority on a Facebook Fan Page is to build a fan base. You also want to provide value to the relationship and community you are building. But at some point you will want your fans to become customers and take action on your product and service. Here are four ways to get your fans to make a move.

1. Offer Promotions

Offering discounts and promotions are always an effective way to get people to take action and drop some green on your products and services. However, you need to be careful not to get aggressive, remember that it is still Facebook. If you get too pushy, you risk the chance of losing some of your fan base and word of mouth spreads very quickly online. All fans of brands and companies expect to receive promotions to show up in their news feed, but don’t get spammy.

2. Let’s Go Play Some Games!

Let’s clarify something right now. You are on Facebook and its supposed to be “fun”. Don’t drive fans away with spammy drivel: BE “FUN”. You should be engaging your fans with “fun” to build relationships. How can you be “fun”? Make a short game on your page that will keep them engaged but is relevant to your business. The more fun you are, the more people want to give you money. Now that isn’t just fun, it’s actually kind of fun-ny. Ask Apple about that.

3. Facebook Lead Form

Create simple form for fans and users to leave their name and email address for receiving additional content from your brand. The easiest method to do this is with an embedded HTML in a tab on your Facebook Page using the Static FBML application. The other method involves creating a Facebook application from scratch, but that is an entirely other blog post.

Before you make your call to action for the Facebook Fan Page, you should have goals in mind and objectives in place. Test these different ways to encourage action within the existing fans and see what works. Avoid being too pushy or spammy, but keep your goals and objectives in mind when finding that balance on a social site like Facebook.