Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 14th, 2009

11 Quick SEO Tips

Whether it be the waitress from staff breakfast or the boss’ fantasy football draft notes, everyone could use a good tip. Here are 11 quick SEO tips that can be cashed at the online ‘Bank of Rankings’, no thumbprint required.

1. Keep your content fresh. Adding new and useful content to your website on a regular basis keeps your site relevant and informative for its visitors and the search engines.

2. Use keywords and phrases in link text. Also use them appropriately in image ALT attributes, title tags and, if possible, in your domain name.

3. Link with quality, not quantity. One single, authoritative link will do more for your ranking than ten links poor in quality.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t stuff your content full of keywords. If search engines find that you use keywords or phrases too much, you will be penalized.

5. Optimize your blog title tag independently than your blog title. This allows you to optimize for different keywords or phrases.

6. Know your neighbors. If your site operates on a shared server, make sure your neighbors aren’t known spammers or operate a banned site. Their reputation can affect your rankings.

7. Make sure your owner or CEO blogs. The CEO is perceived as the voice of the company. The more involved a visitor perceives the CEO is, the more they may want to do business with you.

8. Use captions with images. Use keyword rich phrases with images to perform well with image rank.

9. Don’t obsess over PageRank. PageRank is just an element of the ranking algorithm. A site with low PR could be ranked higher in the overall results.

10. Utilize absolute links. This will help your on-site link navigation be less prone to problems and give you any link juice from those content scrapers out there.

11. SEO is about more than links. Look into dynamic content creations, i.e. videos, podcasts, news, and social content for spreading your message.

SEO isn’t just about tweaking code and building links. It’s about getting your business out to the masses online in any creative, intelligent, and tasteful way possible. The only difference between your e-commerce site and your grandparent’s candy store is the platform. Don’t just optimize. Pro-optimize.