Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on September 10th, 2009

SEO For E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce web sites are one of the various niches turning to SEO for more relevant traffic and higher conversions. The three primary areas of SEO emphasis for e-commerce sites are content, linking, and infrastructure. Focusing on these areas will help any e-commerce site improve its online presence and turn it into a lucrative venture. Let’s take a look at these three areas of SEO focus and how best to implement them online.

1. Content Creation

A brand or company’s strength and history can naturally drive traffic to their site. However, duplication of content on different URLs will often dilute the strength of inbound links, causing the site and its links to fall further from the searching clicks of the consumers. Creating compelling, unique content to replace boilerplate product or brand descriptions will effectively draw people deeper into the site.

2. Link Strength

A site with a majority of inbound links leading to its home page will typically ranks well for a more limited number of key phrases. Sites with strong links leading to pages deeper within their site will perform well across a wider lateral of keywords and phrases. That is especially true when the content and internal linking is unique and structured to support categories and sub-categories.

3. Infrastructure

Technical infrastructure implementations are a key to consistent success within the SERPs. This is especially true for non-branded key search terms or for name brand products on the site. Unique landing pages should be created for any e-commerce site to avoid dealing with duplicate content. For consistent rankings across all the search engine players, creating canonical tags will lead to more pages being indexed.

E-commerce sites will benefit from these SEO implementations for their websites. Focusing on unique content generation, deeper link building, and technical infrastructure implementations will help increase relevant traffic and consistent conversions. I don’t know any e-commerce site that doesn’t want to be lucrative, so it would be in the best interests of their success to turn to SEO for improvements.