Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 14th, 2009

How to Keep Visitors from Clicking Away

So much of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is focused on generating targeted traffic to a website’s landing pages to search further for information or to buy products and services. Any business owner knows that getting them “in the door” is only half the challenge. Keeping visitors from clicking away before they engage with your company, product, or service is a true test of one’s marketing and sales savvy. Here are some tested tips that can turn click-happy visitors into testimonial-giving customers.

Your grandfather calls it a “sale”, we call it a “conversion”. Online conversions are desired actions that you want a visitor to perform on your website. Depending upon your business model, a conversion can be a sale, lead, phone call, page view, newsletter sign-up, download, or any other activity that helps your business grow and earn. To keep visitors from clicking away upon landing, they need incentive or engagement to freely browse about your website, searching for an answer to their needs. Your call-to-action copy needs to be direct, honest, engaging, and intriguing, giving the visitor hope that you can provide:

• The possibility to make or save money

• Save time

• Greater convenience

• Pleasure

• Self esteem, enhancement, or improvement

You can convey these solutions through your call-to-action and any surrounding copy or images that will help draw a visitor deeper into your Web world, all the while establishing authority and trust. Benefits should be completely explained, answering the questions: “how it works” and “why you need this”. You can also provide authority and trust with:

• Testimonials

• Reviews

• Galleries

• Guarantees

Effective “calls to action” can be tailor-made for your business, but should generally encourage a visitor to do one of the following:

• Make a purchase on your site

• Leave contact information

• Make a purchase or get more information over the phone

• Set up a consultation

• Subscribe to a newsletter

Solid SEO companies should know how to tailor your call to action to your specific business, product or service in order to increase conversions. SEO companies who offer content creation should have a crack-shot copywriter who can step up with some clutch content, if it is included in your contract. These tips will help improve any website’s ability to retain visitors and continue the time-honored challenge of any salesman: “Always Be Closing”.