Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 13th, 2009

SEO Tools for Twitter

The world is ‘a-tweet’ with Twitter, as millions log in for 140 character anecdotes, advice, guidance, links, or witticisms that are followed by hundreds, if not thousands, of social-hungry webophiles. Of the millions logged in everyday, most tweets may not be relevant to every user every time but most will follow an account if they like the copywriting "chops". Twitter is an engaging tool to grab the attention of thousands with the words of a few. Now that businesses are competing for attention on the social songbird’s website, it is important to know what works and what does not. As Twitter turns a corner in its adoption phase, there are Twitter tools available that can be used to monitor how effective a Twitter campaign really is. The following three Twitter tools aim to improve your SEO and start making Twitter work more efficiently for your business.


This nifty Twitter tool allows you to save keywords and phrases and then monitor tweeting conversations that include said words and phrases. You can set this up like a Google Alert with all the tweets including your keywords in an email sent to you at a designated time. You can then follow the user as they may be interested in your product or service.


Some businesses may have more followers than they can keep up with. TwitterCounter provides a chart of your followers and predicts the future volume of your followers based on the average growth and loss over time. This can be very useful for gauging how effective tweets are and whether a campaign is working out or not. If you determine specific subject matter at specific times, you can monitor what tweets are bringing the most traffic.


TweetStats allows you to monitor how often you and your followers are tweeting, what interface was used to tweet, and what time of day they tweeted. The tool also monitors who has commented on what tweets and at what time. This can give you an idea of who is interested in your company and what you have to say. You can also see from this data what staff members in your company are tweeting and at what time the most traffic is been generated.

Twitter is an essential part of any Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaign. If your business relies on any type of online presence for success, SEO and SMO are the way to go. Whether you are a small flower boutique or a large technological giant, knowing how to navigate the Web’s intricate waters will help you discover new lands of opportunity for your bottom line. Don’t watch the water rise above your company’s eyes. Optimize.