Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 7th, 2009

The “Cerberus” of SEO Writing

Writing content is a crucial aspect for any online business. As the Web grows, so does the necessity of three content types that need to be flowing from the fingers of your writing staff: on-page website content, blogging, and article marketing; The proverbial “Cerberus” of online content creation. Each piece should work together to walk a visitor in and through your process, and each piece is an opportunity to create a positive impression and relationship.

The end goal of online content is to turn visitors into raving fans of your business by becoming loyal fans, lifetime customers, and brand ambassadors. Here is a look at how to best utilize the “Cerberus” of SEO writing:

Website Content

Your website’s homepage and all of its most important pages need to read naturally with engaging, informative and persuasive copy. Every word should be carefully chosen and rich with your targeted keywords. Don’t stuff the copy with too many keywords, however, or your copy will seem forced and your visitors will click away faster than a kitty on catnip. Have two or three different calls to action, but don’t be too redundant with your sales pitch. You want to avoid hitting them over the head with mind-numbing sales copy. The point is to put your services in front of them, show them why you would be an all-star choice, and provide a very easy way for them to start their relationship with you.


Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert with guidance, advice and insight into the world of what you do. Blog posts should be short and sweet. Nuggets of knowledge can go very far in this age of information. Use enticing titles that will draw them into the body copy with a sense of urgency or natural curiosity. Provide links to any references or resources mentioned, give credit to others when credit is due, use images to help illustrate points, and create conversations with comment requests.

Article Marketing

Article marketing provides link juice for the search engine spiders, building links for your site and establishing your company’s credibility within an industry. These links also pave roads for visitors to find their way to your site once they’ve read the article and want more information. Article topics should be very focused on your targeted keywords, with a keyword density of 3-5 percent. Whether or not you use a byline or boiler plate paragraph at the end for your company is up to you.

Content creation is absolutely critical for online business. If you aren’t producing fresh content on a regular basis, you will find it very difficult to keep your website where you want it in the SERPs. Please feel free to comment below if you felt like I left anything out or glossed over important points too quickly.