Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 16th, 2009

How to Increase Drupal Site Speed

Google is making some buzz in the SEO circles with their new “Caffeine” project performing well in beta and set to hit the inter-waves early next year. Caffeine will introduce fresh algorithms that switch up the equation of ranking. Although, I do not know what the spiders’ new favorite meals will be, I do know that one factor in your ranking will be how quickly a web pages load on your site.

If you are running a Drupal site, hopefully you have sped it up using all the built-in Drupal options. But that may not be enough for Caffeine’s standards, so you will need to solve that problem. Here are five additional things you can do to accelerate your Drupal-clean site speed from running to sprinting.

1. Add

First, you should look into additional Drupal modules that offer additional options for caching like Advanced cache, ApacheBench, Authenticated User Page Caching (Authcache), Block Cache Alter, Boost, Cache browser, Cache Router, JavaScript Aggregator, and Memcache.

2. Switch

If you are using a hosting company, ask to move to a faster server or switch hosting companies.

3. Upgrade

If you upgrade your server and/or your bandwidth, your website will run much quicker.

4. Spread Out

Deploy Drupal to multiple servers to allow for better performance.

5. Utilize

Use PHP-level caching systems like Zend Platform.

Google’s Caffeine is coming and you want your Drupal site to be ready. While you are optimizing your Drupal site to look clean, don’t forget to make sure it can load fast as well. For more speed help, go to for dozens of pages dealing with all kinds of performance enhancements with Drupal.