Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 3rd, 2009

Google Wades Deeper Into Real Estate Pool

Back in July, Google announced the ability to see tons of real estate listings directly on Google Maps. They also updated the nifty Street View and detailed map data with high-resolution imagery. Just as you have accustomed yourself to these new features, Google Maps turns yet another corner and wades deeper into the pool that is real estate. Google Maps has become an even more useful tool for online real estate searching. Here are some of the new features that Google Maps now utilizes:

1. The ‘Real Estate’ Option

Google’s first step to an easier real estate listings search is to add a ‘Real Estate’ option from the ‘More’ button on the top right of any Google Maps listings. After clicking the option, you can refine your search using the left hand panel – pricing, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and so on – and you can still move around the map to find the right neighborhood and it will automatically update the listings.

2. Rental Listings

Google also added rental listings in the U.S. to the search. You can now look for rent in Austin or two bedroom condos in Houston by simply turning on the Real Estate layer in the ‘More’ button and refining your search.

3. Commercial Information

As you search for the perfect new place, you may want to check out to see what businesses and restaurants are surrounding the neighborhood. Now you can zoom in on the area and small icons on the map will display the names and locations of businesses and prominent features around the neighborhood.

4. International Search

Do you want to move out of the country? Now you can find real estate in cities across New Zealand, Australia, and India.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Google Maps goes completely international (in friendly countries) in the next few years with all these features. In a time where houses are in need of residents, these new features will not only help the market, but also allow for better utilization of search to find new residency. Real estate businesses will only benefit from implementing SEO with their properties to accompany the improved capabilities of Google Maps.