Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on May 22nd, 2009

Why Drupal Should Be Your CMS

If you are starting a new website, whether it be personal or business-related, but are not considered “skilled” in HTML or web development, it is a highly recommended that you use a content management system (CMS). A content management system is a software system that allows you to create, manage, edit, and update new and existing pages on a site. Basically, its the easiest and most efficient way to launch a website... yesterday.

Content management systems will allow you to perform basic design and layout. This includes a logo or banner at the top, standard navigation capabilities across the top, down the left side and in the footer. There will also be a large blank area where your content should be inserted, upon creation. This layout format, once tweaked to your liking, is converted into a master template for all designated pages. While this template is being converted, your CMS admin backend is being integrated and tested properly. The Administrator can then assign content producers and give them access and instructions on how to add content, text, images, and video appropriately. Everything that is added is saved in the database. Most CMSes are very intuitive and easy to operate, so the learning curve is much smaller than learning how to write HTML code by hand.

Every new venture required some start-up capital and launching a website is no different. You will want to find the right content management system for you, for the right price. There are proprietary CMSes that come loaded with features and have excellent customer service and tech support. However, they can cost up to $500,000 (yowzas!) and sometimes require a down payment of your soul. Sure, they can perform some unique functions, like archives and built-in search engines, but aren’t necessary for running a profitable or popular site.

Open Source CMSes are typically free and very easy to install and use. The best open source CMS available out there is Drupal. The Drupal community is very large and friendly, allowing a breadth of customer and tech support, as well as a healthy community of forums dedicated to the popular system. Drupal also has a large catalog of modules and nodes that can be customized and added on to the core of Drupal, so customization is very easy and highly encouraged. Volacci is the leading Drupal SEO company and very passionate about your online success. By the end of your contract you will have at least as much additional business from your web site as you spend on our services... or we'll work for free until you do.

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