Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 27th, 2009

Ten Mistakes You Can Make With Your Website

Optimizing your search engine status with the big dogs is no easy feat. You can make a few simple mistakes that will create many significant factors that will tuck your site away from the spiders and the traffic. According to Eric Papczun of Performics, 1/4 of all people are shopping online and of that, 77% of people are relying on the Internet to research. In the current economic recession, this trend is sure to grow. Here is a list of ten mistakes that you can make with your website that hurts your rankings and throws the map to get there right out the window.

1. Using too much JavaScript menus so that the spiders improperly crawl your site.

2. Picking the wrong keywords - words that are too competitive or not used at all. Start with mid-range words and work your way up.

3. Below the fold calls to action. Websites have different screen sizes and different appearances with different browsers. Got that?

4. Leaving margin out of ROI calculations. It’s important.

5. Not using a Google site map. Choose your priorities carefully and don’t put priority 1 on every page.

6. Bad use of images as content headings. People link visual stimulation with their content.

7. Allowing Adwords to use the default ‘broad match’. This could be very expensive.

8. ‘No Crawl’ added to the robots.txt on the test site, but then accidentally copying that over to your new live site.

9. Mass email using BCC and not using email services. Use an email service when sending out to large lists of recipients. No one particularly enjoys being on a list, especially when they are not the first person on said list.

10. Collecting unnecessary data on web forms. Asking too many questions can reduce the number of people who complete the form and turn into conversions. Keep it to the essential fields.

Please note: This is what NOT to do. Also, this list is in no particular order, so there is no ‘last’ and no ‘least’. They are all important and should all be implemented into your website and SEO strategy. If you don’t have an SEO strategy, you should probably think about giving us a shout. We should do lunch.

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