Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 24th, 2009

Do You Have Too Many Links?

Since the dawn of the SEO Age, the grunting cavemen of online optimization have repetitiously chanted of link building, the proverbial mammoth-hunt for success. It has been passed down from generation to generation of websites, a tradition of know-how to being found. There are many who obsess themselves over how many links they can build onto their site. One of more sane proportions may ask: Is there a significant difference between 50 and 500 links? According to everyone’s favorite Google engineer, Matt Cutts: linking building, like just about everything else, can be done in excess.

In a recent blog post, Mr Google, I mean Mr. Cutts, explained that Google advises web masters to limit their links to 100 on each web page. This is due in part to Google’s ability to only index 100 kilobytes for every page. Google is now has the ability to index more per page, but they are still dishing out the advice not to use too many links on each page. You are still diluting your result in PageRank, which is vital in SEO, and can also affect the user experience.

Conclusion: Too many links will affect your business.

Other primitive grunts of advice from Google include ensuring the website is rich in useful information. You don’t want to stuff your page with keywords that make you sound smart, because you are just over-seasoning yourself. Also, make sure that your title elements and alt attributes are both descriptive and accurate to ensure that you are trimming off all the fat from your site. The right amount of content with an acceptable amount of knowledge will increase your site rank to new heights, so I hope you’re don’t have vertigo.

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